Saturday, 29 July 2017

::Missing Old Friends::

::Hey! I was just reading Gabe's blog, and it made me realise just how much I miss my friends from the ORPC. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE Resurrection Church and all the new/old friends I've made, but I really do miss some of my old friends. Gabe used to be one of my best friends, and I haven't seen him in a year. Ana used to be one of the people I always looked up to, and again, I haven't seen her in forever. Same with Erika. I message her every now and then, but I never see her. I'm very glad to have met them all, and if any of you are reading this I miss you sooo much!! Well that's it. I don't have anything else to say. Thanks for reading::

Thursday, 27 July 2017

::The Latest Update::

::Blog writing is so hard for me. I like to write, but I always try to be too detailed and I get bored of it very quickly. I give up and I don't want to write anymore, and I don't want to go back to my blog because I feel guilty thinking about it. Sometimes being detailed is great, but it's not when you can lose interest quickly. Anyways, enough about that. Update time! Lately one of my favourite things to do is drawing. I like drawing anything I can; animals, people, flowers, my surroundings. Anything I have a picture of or is right in front of me I can do. I CANNOT draw from memory. It looks worse than a two year old. My ballet exam went really well! I got a 76%, which is really good. The exams are graded with the British grading system, and a 40% is a pass for them. A 76% is in the category Distinction, which is the highest category of marks you can get. I was very happy when the marks came back. Dance ended in June, but I needed it. My legs have been terrible from dancing and I had been going to physio all the time and they just needed to rest. I was sad for dance to end for the obvious reason, but I was also sad for it to end because it ending meant one of my best friends was moving away. I had danced with her for 4 years and over the past year and a half we have gotten really close. Saying goodbye was really hard. The hardest part so far was leaving the theatre and knowing that after I walked out the doors, I wouldn't know when I would see her again. I was crying in the change room, but as soon as I was outside it was like I hit a wall and I couldn't breathe. I still talk to her and it hasn't been too hard yet because it is summer vacation and I wouldn't be seeing her much anyways. I'm pretty sure it will be much harder when I go back to class and I don't see her bag in the waiting room and her face when I walk in the studio. Alright, I'm done with emotions. I don't think there's anything else to write about. Byyyyeeee::

Thursday, 6 April 2017

::Exams, Chicken, and Booties::

::Who sucks at blogging? I do! I'm terrible at this. I feel like I need to say this every time. I always have so many things to write about, but then I come on and start writing, and my mind goes blank. Huh, let's see. Well, we got a foster kid a week ago. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say her name so I'll call her Chicken. I call her that at home anyways. She's a little Inuit three year old. She can talk perfectly, but she has no front teeth so she speaks with a lisp. Last Sunday me and Chicken were sitting together at Grandpa's when I insisted she was my chicken. She kept disagreeing and saying no. Later that day we were snuggling at home and I asked her if she was my snugglebug and she said, "No, I'm your chicken!" That made me SO happy. She's just so stinkin' cute. My ballet exam is coming up in three weeks, and so far I'm pretty chill. I know I'll probably start freaking out when I'm at the exam studio about to go in, but for now I'm totally fine. I'm just super excited. Recital is coming up and we've started learning some of our dances. That is super exciting. Our jazz dance is my favourite. Two words, special agents. Ah!! It's so awesome!! I don't think I've ever been this excited for a dance. I feel like there's a million others things to talk about but I can think of any. Oh! I've started selling these little baby booties I crochet. You can check them out on my Instagram, caebear, if you're interested. Mkay. That's it. Bye::

Thursday, 2 March 2017

::Physio and Movies::

::Well, not much has changed since the last post. I've almost gotten over my cold. Colds stink. I've also been going to physio for the past 2 months. I've had knee problems for over a year and I finally did something about it. Apparently it's just growing. I've been growing a lot lately and it's hard on my muscles. My IT band is really tight so it's pulling on my knee cap and if I had kept going and not done anything about it it could have popped my knee cap out of place. My physio person gave me some exercises to strengthen my muscles and told me to roll out my IT band on the foam roller. My shin has also been hurting a lot and the physio thinks its the quad muscle attached to my shin pulling on the bone because it's being stretched out from all the growing. She said there's nothing to do for that except to stop growing. I've also had tendinitis in my feet for a couple years and I went to ortho when I first found out I had it and got inserts, but because it's just ortho they didn't give me any exercises so it isn't completely better and still buggs me a bit. At first my physiotherapist told me to just do a bunch of rises and exercises with theraband to strengthen everything. Then my achilles were bugging me and I was having trouble doing more than 16 rises which is weird because I'm a dancer and am always doing things like that. So she has me standing on the bottom step, raising myself on 2 feet and lowering on 1. Well there is your blurb about my defective legs. I'm taking a ballet exam in April and it's super exciting and SUPER scary. We're working super duper hard to make sure we've got our exercises down pat and we're doing everything well. It's a lot of work but I'm excited. Not sure what else to say. OH!! I'm SOOOOOOO excited for the new Beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson. It will be SO weird though cuz Emma is Hermione, always was always will be, but she's going to be Belle. So weird. I said it was like Hermione with one of Hagrid's beasts. That disgusted Leah. Heheh. Ok. I'm done. Babye::

Monday, 2 January 2017

::Fainting and Colds::

::It hasn't been too long since I've last written. I'm currently sitting on the couch with a cold. Fun huh? This morning I fainted. I have head rushes sometimes, but usually I say conscious. This time I grabbed the counter like I normally do with headrests, and then woke up on the floor to mom shouting my name. I felt perfectly normal afterwards. Weird. Anyways. I also got new phone. Connor got a new phone so I got his old one. Way better than my Samsung, which hardly worked at all anyways. This one is an LG G3. Of course I've made my lock screen and home screen Slytherin. Who wouldn't? That was rhetorical. I know many people who wouldn't. Like Sara, she's a Hufflepuff. She would rather have Hufflepuff everywhere, but we all know Slytherin is better. I don't think there is anything else to talk about. That's all the updates I have. Oh! Eva. She's still stinking adorable and squishy and amazing. Ok. Now I'm done. See ya::

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

:Continuation of Last Post::

::I realized after I published the last post that I titled it Babies, Christmas and more or whatever I said, and only talked about Eva and Christmas. I thought of two things I was also going to talk about, but I forgot one of them. The one I remember is my birthday. I turned 14 a week and a half ago. It was a lot of fun. I opened my presents, hung around home, went out for lunch with a friend and just hung out with her and my mok until I went to dance. Not sure what else to say. That's the only thing I remember forgetting. That's weird remember forgetting. Oh well. That's what happened. Ah. Yes. I was just going give an update on what my life is like. I'm normally busy with school. High-school, homeschooling or not is a lot of work. If I'm not doing school I'm dancing, playing the piano, painting, or trying to figure out what my next Instagram post is going to be. Interesting life, huh? It's nothing special but it's my life and I couldn't be happier. I hope you're all as happy with your lives as I am. Talk to y'all later::

Monday, 26 December 2016

::Christmas, Babies and more::

::Yo!! So much has been going on!! First big thing is Eva. She was born at 11:43 p.m. on Christmas. She just made it as a Christmas baby. I got to see her in the hospital today. She is so tiny and cute and gorgeous. I could spend the entire post gushing about her, but I won't bore you. All I can say is I'm in love with my very first girl cousin already. I made myself a Slytherin hat and a pair of Slytherin mittens. They are now my favourite article of anything. I'm definitely obsessed. Oh well. Deal with it. Hmm. What else... Well, there is Christmas. Our normal tradition is that everyone will come over Christmas Eve and sleep over. This year was differentbecause it was on a Sunday and we were waiting for Eva. Knonker and Grandpa  slept over from Friday to today. Sunday morning we opened our presents before going to church. Aunty Katie was having contractions during church so she went to Grandpa's early. Afterthe service we all went to the arboretum for sledding. Only Aunty Katie, Uncle Dave and Aunt Amanda stayed behind. Everyone else came. I actually only went down the hill on a sled once and even then it was only half the hill. I was on the zipfy and only made it half way down before I was spun off and slid down the rest of the way on my bottom. That was the only time I went on a sled. All the other times I penguin slid down the whole hill. It was that icy. Just a warning, if you are ever going to try it you'll want strong abbs. Otherwise you will die. After sledding everyone came to our house and we opened the rest of our presents. Knonker got a Samsung Gear VR so we played with that for a while at Peter's place(the loft above our garage). Just as we were going back to the house Aunty Katie and Uncle Dave were getting in the car to go to the hospital. They got to the hospital at 8 and had a baby by 11:43. Today was fairly chill besides visiting Aunty Kate and Eva. At the moment I'm sitting here writing, in a house 4 other Van Dyks and 2 van der Meers. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I will write again when I write again. Mwah::