Thursday, 2 March 2017

::Physio and Movies::

::Well, not much has changed since the last post. I've almost gotten over my cold. Colds stink. I've also been going to physio for the past 2 months. I've had knee problems for over a year and I finally did something about it. Apparently it's just growing. I've been growing a lot lately and it's hard on my muscles. My IT band is really tight so it's pulling on my knee cap and if I had kept going and not done anything about it it could have popped my knee cap out of place. My physio person gave me some exercises to strengthen my muscles and told me to roll out my IT band on the foam roller. My shin has also been hurting a lot and the physio thinks its the quad muscle attached to my shin pulling on the bone because it's being stretched out from all the growing. She said there's nothing to do for that except to stop growing. I've also had tendinitis in my feet for a couple years and I went to ortho when I first found out I had it and got inserts, but because it's just ortho they didn't give me any exercises so it isn't completely better and still buggs me a bit. At first my physiotherapist told me to just do a bunch of rises and exercises with theraband to strengthen everything. Then my achilles were bugging me and I was having trouble doing more than 16 rises which is weird because I'm a dancer and am always doing things like that. So she has me standing on the bottom step, raising myself on 2 feet and lowering on 1. Well there is your blurb about my defective legs. I'm taking a ballet exam in April and it's super exciting and SUPER scary. We're working super duper hard to make sure we've got our exercises down pat and we're doing everything well. It's a lot of work but I'm excited. Not sure what else to say. OH!! I'm SOOOOOOO excited for the new Beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson. It will be SO weird though cuz Emma is Hermione, always was always will be, but she's going to be Belle. So weird. I said it was like Hermione with one of Hagrid's beasts. That disgusted Leah. Heheh. Ok. I'm done. Babye::

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