Thursday, 12 December 2013


::Yesterday was an awesome day. I got an awesome diary from Barb for my birthday. I've already written 7 pages. We did all the same things that I said we might do in my last post. It was SO much fun. I also got a ton of great books from Kathleen. I can't wait to read them. The diary as a lock and key. From Barb I also got a dark grey sweater with silver sequins all over the front and silver nail polish. It was an awesome day. Thank you for the lovely day::

Wednesday, 11 December 2013


::Hello everybody. I love all this snow! Today is a big day. We invited all the moms from our church to come sledding and then come back to our house to have a piano recital. Me, Gabe B., Kathleen and Aunty Karin are play the piano. I'm playing five songs. Pumpkin Boogie, Pagoda Tree, We Three Kings, God Rest You Merry Gentlemen, and psalm 109a. 109a is very pretty. We're also having apple cidder and doing crafts. We got a little felt craft for the little kids. I'm helping the little kids with that craft. The craft is so cute! I should get practising. Bye! Wait! One more thing. I don't have time to do tips to remember or you'll regret it. Sorry :(::