Tuesday, 20 March 2012

::Do All Mountains Wear Snowcaps?::

::Today's wonder for wonderopolis {http://wonderopolis.org/wonder/do-all-mountains-wear-snowcaps/} is on mountains and their snow caps.  It's cool.  You would probably think that the top of the mountain is hotter because it's closer to the sun.  Actually, its not.  It's colder than down below in some areas.  The top of the mountain is actually its coldest spot.  As you climb a mountain to a higher height, the atmosphere gets thinner and thinner.  This is because air pressure decrees.  It's cool.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

::Can you speak code::

::I think the phonetic alphabet is cool.  The phonetic alphabet is a special alphabet that pilots use because of the static from the radio it's hard to understand the "b"s and the "d"s, and the "m"s and the "n"s Because they sound the same.  So they made the phonetic alphabet.  Who thinks they can figure out my code? 
My code is;



Here's something to help you figure it out:
A – Alfa
B – Bravo
C – Charlie
D – Delta
E – Echo
F – Foxtrot
G – Golf
H – Hotel
I – India
J – Juliett
K – Kilo
L – Lima
M – Mike
N – November
O – Oscar
P- Papa
Q – Quebec
R – Romeo
S – Sierra
T – Tango
U – Uniform
V – Victor
W – Whiskey
X – X-ray
Y – Yankee
Z – Zulu

I love the phonetic alphabet::

Monday, 5 March 2012


:: Word:  phat.  
Meaning: Great; excellent.
Etymology:  Respelling of fat.  Various acronyms have been suggested as possible origins of the word, but they are examples of backronyms. The word phatic has nothing to do with phat.  It's weird.  The website is  http://wordsmith.org/words/today.html again::