Saturday 29 October 2016


::So I heard that a certain someone said Gryffindor sucks, Slytherin is the best. And if YOU(you know who you are) were paying attention, you would have seen that I never said Gryffindor is the best. I only said that Gryffindor was what I would be in. I also didn't say that the ONLY house I would be in was Gryffindor, I will have you know that am equal parts Slytherin and Gryffindor. Which is kinda ironic because those are the two houses that hate each other the most, but oh well. Can't change what I am! I would be Pansy Parkinson(a Slytherin)but sadly, I'm stuck with Gryffindor because that's the only tie I have:/ you've gotta work with what you have. This is reminding me I have to get the wand I made out of the van. I still haven't done that. We were camping in September and since it was cold there wasn't too much to do unless you wanted to go swimming(no one did) so I started peeling the bark off a stick and it gave me the idea of a wand. So I kept peeling and 'carving'(making a pointy tip) until I was satisfied. I'm hoping they didn't accidentally get thrown away. I'll find out, won't I? Anyway. That's all I had to say::

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