Tuesday, 1 December 2015


::Hello everybody! It's December!! There is only 14 days left until my birthday not including today and the 16th. I'll be 13!! I can't believe it! I'll be a teenager! I'm so excited. There is also only 23 days until Christmas day. I can't wait!! We're going to Montreal again and we're staying at the same place. We loved it so much last year that we're doing it again. With December comes most of our performances. I have nine performances in December! I can't wait! The soonest is tomorrow. We have a performance at a retirement home. Then we have performances on the third, , ninth, eleventh, thirteenth and twentieth. You might be like, wait, that's not nine, that's only seven, but we have two on the ninth and the thirteenth. I'm SO excited! Please be praying that no one will get sick or injured. We need to be health and whole for our performances. I sprained my ankle the twenty-first and I thought I wouldn't be able to perform on the twenty-fifth, but God healed my ankle enough for me to dance. I am so thankful. I am completely better no and have absolutely no pain. With December comes many things. It also bring St. Nicks. I can't wait for that. December is an amazing month. As I'm writing this my mom is just putting the finishing touches on our tree. I think it looks amazing. I'll take a picture of the big tree and then a picture of the kids'(me included) tree. It's hilarious. Well, that's all I needed to say. Have a wonderful month and I will hopefully be writing again soonish. I will try to write about my performances, birthday, Christmas and our Montreal trip. Write you all later::

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