Wednesday, 10 June 2015


::Hello. As the title indicates, this post is about pointe shoes, recitals, and trips. I have had my pointe shoes for 3 months and have done 10 classes(+dress rehearsal and 2 recitals)with them. I have been enjoying it a lot. Thursdays are my favourite days of the week for that reason. It doesn't hurt as much as some people would think it does. If the shoes fit properly and you have toe pads, it doesn't hurt much. We had our annual recital last weekend.After March Break, we started working REALLY hard on recital dances, which is why I've been busy and had trouble writing. When I wasn't working, or out somewhere, I was practising. I had lots of dances for recital. It was SO much fun. I was in 5 dances(including the finale), so it was busy. If Arise posts the videos of our dances, I'll write another post and add them in. I won't go into detail about it so you'll have something to read, as well as watch, for the post. This post is also about trips. The trip I'm talking about here was in May. I know it was a while ago, but it was so awesome I had to write about it. We left April 30th(Thursday), and drove for 9 hours until we reached Maryland. In Maryland, we stayed at a tree-house camp. It was a camp in the hills, were you could rent little houses on stilts. How cool is that?! We got a little cabin called Robin. I'll post pictures when my dad finds them. It was awesome. On Friday morning after we ate breakfast and walked around for a bit, we went to the bathroom and started out for another 9 hour drive. We arrived in Georgia at around dinner time. We had Costco pizza for dinner with Rick, Susanna, and their kids. We spent the night at there house, and after lunch, we went to a park the meet with some other cousins. These cousins are Maryanne, Anna, Josh, Emma, and Will. Anna, Josh, Emma, and Will are Maryanne's kids. Anna is a few months older than me, so we get along really well. After we walked around and ate ice cream, instead of going back to Rick and Susanna's, I got to go spend the night at Anna's house. We were both REALLY excited. It had been 3 years since we'd seen each other, and 5 years since I'd been to her house. She's never been to my house yet. :( I had SO much fun at her house. We stayed up until 11:00 talking. In the morning (Sunday)all the cousins(that's what we call everybody from my mom's side) ,and my family, went to Mimi's(Aunty Barbara) in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Rick, Susanna and their kids, and Grace, Justin, and their kids , and of course Anna and her family, were there too. Grace had a little baby, who was absolutely ADORABLE!!!! She was the cutest thing I'd seen in a while. We stayed at Mimi's house for the rest of the week. We went to Look Out Mountain, went to a really pretty water park, and just hung out. On Thursday we drove back to Maryland and stayed in the some tree-house, and walked around and took more pictures. On Friday morning we headed out and got home at dinner time. After we unpacked, we went to Costco for hot-dogs and ice cream. It was an AMAZING trip. It was SOOO good to see the cousins again. I missed them SO much, and am missing them right now. Hope you liked this post. Random thing: It's raining REALLY hard outside. Oh!! I almost forgot. Tip to remember or you'll regret it: Don't go in a little, rocky creek without knowing you'll probably slip and get soaked. Hope you have a GREAT  weekend, and I'll try to post soon. Bye::


  1. The girls and I really enjoyed your recital! So talented!!
    Love aunty Karin

    1. Thank you!! I'm really glad you liked it. We worked hard so it would be perfect for you.

  2. The girls and I really enjoyed your recital! So talented!!
    Love aunty Karin