Monday, 15 December 2014

::I'm SO excited::

::Hello everybody. You're probably wondering why this post is called what it is. This is why. Today is the 15th, which means that tomorrow is the 16th. My birthday is on the 16th, which means that tomorrow is my birthday. That is why I'm excited. Wait, that's not the only reason I'm excited. I'm also excite because this week is Parent Observation Week at dance. POW is when parents or relatives come and watch all your classes. Now, that is ALL the reasons why I'm excited. I've kind of been ignoring my blog, so I will be writing on my blog at least once a week. Maybe more if I have something interesting I need to write about. I'll write soon about how my birthday went. Have a good rest of the week. Today's tip to remember or you'll regret it is: don't leave your blog to long or people will stop checking it often::

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