Thursday, 11 April 2013


::Hello everybody.  We didn't do much today. Me and Elijah finished our work on Tuesday.  We did a bit of our North and South Pole studies.  Today we learned about animals.  It's 6:08 eight right now.  We finished our dinner.  Dad wasn't here because he has bible study.  He has Alasie with him.  we're down in the basement watching The Cosby Show.  Me and my cousin Anna chatted on the computer for a bit.  Mom's vacumming  the carpet.  Our basement flooded last Monday and Mom's putting the rug back down.  I haven't written on my blog in a while.  I'll try to write as much as I can.  Bye:: 


  1. We learned about north and south poles and magnets in 1st grade. What are you learning about in home school? We are reviewing all we have learned this year, like algebra, circuits, amendments, grammar, reading, landforms, formulas, cells,WW1,WW2,adverbs, interjections, the space race, the Civil War, electicity, multiplying and dividing fractions and decimals, adding and subtracting fractions and decimals, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the U.S presidents, natural disasters, spelling, and LOTS more.

  2. Wow! All I do is Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions{I've done a few decimals}, English spelling,{so easy{, English grammar{also easy}, French workbook{easy}, French reading{harder}, Bible, typing, piano, french shows, and we're going to start astronomy this week. Love you.