Wednesday 22 February 2012

::Prairie Dogs

 ::Today I learned about Prairie Dogs on this website called I love it.
Prairie dogs are rodents who live underground in burrows in the open grasslands and prairies of western North America. About the size of rabbits, prairie dogs aren’t related to dogs at all. In fact, they’re most closely related to squirrels.  I think that;s funny.  The reason why their called Prairie dogs is because when a prairie dog sees danger it will bark.
This is the word:
insignia.  Pronunciation:  {in-SIG-ni-uh}
1.  A badge or emblem of rank, office, or membership in a group.  2.  A distinguishing mark of something.
Plural of Latin insigne (sign,badge), from signum (sign).

There's a website called today's news is about Lake Vostok.  Lake Vostok is buried beneath 13,000 feet (2.4 miles) ice.
Here are some questions I have to answer for me scholastic news:

 WHO:  Some scientists

WHAT:  Lake Vostok

WHERE:  Lake Vostok



HOW:  The really cold weather.
That was stuff I do in school::

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  1. Its fun to see what you are learning. Is that lake an undergrownd ice lake?